Wedding Favours

Here at Itzamna's Cocoa we pride ourselves on the quality of our handmade chocolates. We have worked hard to ensure we have the perfect marriage of chocolate and centers. We are very proud to offer the opportunity for you to give these delicious chocolates as gifts on your wedding day.

There are a huge range of boxes and bags available to hold your chocolate favours, you can see some examples on this page. There are various websites where you can see a much wider range of packaging. We have links to some webpages, although if you find any elsewhere that you would prefer we would be more than happy to use them.

We also do a couple of larger pieces such as these Chocolate Heart boxes with chocolates inside.

If you would like to be eco friendly as with the boxes shown above, then we suggest you follow this link.

For other possible packaging:

There are a couple of other options for you to think about as well. We can supply the chocolates in your chosen favour packaging or if you prefer to keep costs down we can simply provide the chocolates and you can source your choice of packaging and add the chocolates yourself.

Unfortunately until we have a safe way to deliver the wedding favours without any chance of damage we will only be accepting orders from North Yorkshire, Teesside and County Durham as we will be able to deliver these personally.

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Great Ayton

North Yorkshire